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Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

Persona Affinity - Chapter 1

Oh yeaaaaaaaaahh, nih FF re-make dari My Adventure!! Stories itu =w= soalnya garing banget gila T__T jadinya ya, aku re-make-- err, total change, nih FF. Jadinyaa... ENJOY!!

Persona © ATLUS
All characters and Fan Fiction © Masanda Hananisa a.k.a Me

Persona Affinity


In the country named Thir, there was some strange accident recently. Black monsters with no shape and red eyes attack the villagers. The castle guardians and all the knightlers tried to counter attack in purpose to protect the King, but they’ve failed. That monsters are too strong and too many for them. If this continues, this country will be destroyed and gone forever.

Hearing that all the guardians and knightlers were failed to counter, the King finally do something with that black creature. He gathered all information about them. And then he knows that monsters called Shadow cannot be defeated by normal strength. They only can be defeated by the same power of that Shadows. But the King doesn’t know what they’re called; he even doesn’t have a clue to find them.

When a Shadow encountered in one of the villagers house, something weird happened. A kid—around 13 years old—surrounded by a strange mist. That Shadow will attack him, but when that monster did it, something came out from the mist that surrounding that boy’s body. A creature appeared, then suddenly it attacked that Shadow, then that monster was gone, and the boy fainted.

The King knew what was just happened, and then he called the boy. The King asked a lot of thing about what was just happened to that boy. That boy told him everything. Finally, the King’s understand. That Shadow can only be defeated by a power called Persona. That Persona is a creature that has the same power like that Shadow. But the bad news is, only the chosen one who can have a Persona. So the King thinking for the way to gathering all the Persona-User to defeat all the Shadows.

Then finally, the King found the way to gathered all the Persona-User. He sent a letter to his friend who in another country, Bastia. But when he wanted to send a letter to him, he got bad news; his friend was dead because an anonymous monster already devoured him. But luckily, his children still alive. So he decided to keep sending the letter to that country.

The letter replied. The one who replied the letter is his friend’s daughter. He read it; it was a bad news too. The older child was missing. So the younger daughter takes the charge of the country. She will help the King as she can. The King relieved to hear that.

But in Bastia, there was an accident too, but not because of Shadows. Bastia is a country of beasts. All mythical creatures were there; Dragon, Phoenix, sea monsters etc. Most of all the monsters—the strongest monsters—were taken control by something. They become angry, and destroyed all the surrounding. There are no villagers left, the daughter was confused. She doesn’t understand what’s happening.

Some of the monsters—who really close to the daughter—were fine. But they couldn’t do anything because of the controled monsters were too strong for them and for the daughter. The guardian beast of Bastia, Kohryu—the leader of the 4 Holy Beasts—sent the daughter to the anonymous place. She was accompanied by Fenrir, the mythical wolf beast, to traveling the world to search for Persona-Users. But the daughter memories were erased by Kohryu, the golden dragon. She only can remember her name. She doesn’t know about her country or her family.

And the adventure of a little girl 15 years old to search Persona-User begins… now.



Unknown Place –Ely Rievaulx POV—

Uh… wh- what? What was just happening? I can’t remember. Wait, someone calling my name…

“Miss Ely?”

What? Miss? Did I just mishear? Someone calls me with Miss before my name. Then I open my eyes. It’s so bright; my vision blured. I can’t see things clearly. I get up, and my head is so hurt.

“Are you okay, Miss Ely?”

Again? Who is it? I’m still 15, why did he call me Miss? The voice is right beside me. So I turn my head.

…a dog? No, different. Maybe, a wolf? Sort of. Its blackish fur makes me see it clearly.

“Who are you?” I ask that wolf. Yeah that’s funny, how can a wolf reply my question? How stupid.

“I am Fenrir, here to accompany you, Miss Ely.” He replies.

Okay am I dreaming or something? I just ask that wolf and I think it was just a joke, I mean, how can an animal reply such a thing? And now I heard him replied my question. His name’s Fenrir? …it’s familiar, though. But I can’t remember a thing.

“What was just happened now? And what is this place?” I ask again.

“…you just fainted, that’s all. And, I do not know what this place is called.” Fenrir replies with polite words.

Yeah maybe I’m in a dream. Then I slapped myself. It hurts. Then… this is a realistic dream! I cannot believe this; I suddenly fainted and come into the unknown place, then I met a wolf named Fenrir, like in the mythology, here to accompany me, he said. Plus, he called me Miss. This is not reality, of course. So I just relax and waiting for someone to wake up me.

“Miss Ely, it’s time to begin to search them,” Fenrir says.

Who are ‘them’ anyway? …and who am I? I mean, I know my name but, what is the real me? Okay these all were just a joke.

“Who are ‘them’?”

“They are Persona-User. Your purpose here now is to search them.”

Persona? …Wait, what was that? Persona-User? It seems so familiar. I think I know what ‘Persona-user’ is. But I can’t think clearly.

“Okay, but can you give a minute?”

“Definitely, miss.”

That was just annoying. What’s with that Miss? Am I his master or something? …It’s like I’m in the world of fantasy.

…Now I’m feeling better. But I’m still confused what was just happened now. I can’t remember. Maybe it is a dream.

“Hey, where are you come from?” I ask that wolf again.

“…I am come from nowhere. My purpose here is to accompany you, Miss Ely,” Fenrir replies.

“Could you stop calling me with that ‘Miss’ thing? It annoys me.”

“Alright, Ely.”

Come from nowhere and here to accompany me? How funny. Or maybe he hiding a secret… but, well I dunno. I can’t read someone’s mind.

Then I stand up. Oh, I’m using normal clothes. Black T-shirt and bluish jeans. I’m a normal person, right? Of course I am. I’m just a normal girl who is in the dream, that’s all. But when I look at the black wolf… wow. His height is same as lion. Is he having an abnormal hormone?

“…well? Where do I must go now?” I ask. I dunno for sure but, I’m just relaxed enjoying my dream after all.

“Hmm, I do not know too but, we must walk around this place to search them and gathering information. I can not sense a Persona-User’s aura. But Ely, you can sense them.”

What is he talking about? Is he joking? I can sense the present of Persona-User? What am I anyway?

“But how? I don’t know how to do it.” Of course I don’t know. But maybe this wolf doesn’t know how too. How useless.

“If you meet someone, you can feel their aura. Every person has a different aura, and you will know what the differences when you sense them. And the person with unusual sense of aura, that can be a Persona-User.”

This wolf is torturing me. But if he knows how to do it, why he can’t do it? Okay this is come to be weirder.

“Umm, but how do I sense their aura?” I ask again.

“When you meet someone, you can sense their aura. Without do anything, you will sense it unconsciously.”

Right, if that does happen… I am dreaming.

So now, I’m walking with Fenrir. It’s so quiet. All I can see is a sakura trees, a park, and a river. No ones here. I keep walking until then I saw a resident.

It’s still queit. What happened? I’m just new to here, so I don’t know.

I keep walking… now is night. And I didn’t meet anyone yet. Are they scared of me? …okay that’s never gonna happen.

But when I pass someone’s home, my body’s frozen at a moment. I’m sensing something strange. But whatever, I keep walking and search for someone that I can ask to.

I’m sensing something again. It’s near in front of me. Without thinking, I walk closer to the source of the aura. But then, I see something funny. Yeah, funny. It’s like jelly with black color. But the weird aura is coming from it. Does jelly have an aura too? …Yeah right, a joke.

It turns its body. I can see something glowing from it. They’re red, like eyes… or something. Wow wait, is that a monster? A jelly monster? Yeah right I got a weirdest dream ever in my life.

“That is called Shadow.” Fenrir says.

Shadow? Is it called Shadow because of its color? Because every shadow is black. That’s very uncreative name ever.

“What is that thing?” I ask with a full-of-question face.

“That is Persona-User’s enemy. So the Persona-User’s purpose is to destroy Shadows. They are troublemaker, and can be dangerous at most of the time. Shadows can not be defeated by a normal person. So that is why Persona-User exists in this world. But Ely, you can defeat it.” Fenrir replies.

But didn’t he just say a normal person can’t defeat Shadow? I’m a normal person, right? So why in the world I can defeat that weird thing? I don’t even have a Persona!

“How can I beat that Shadow thing?”

“It is simple, just put forth your palm, and focus your energy on it. When an energy already having a shape, throw it to the Shadow. And the Shadow damaged. The damage depends of the amount of energy that you have gathered on your palm. If the energy is little, the damage is little. If the energy is big, the damage is big too. This is good for your practice.” Fenrir explains it all.

Am I having a super power? Or I’m a heroine? Haha, no. I think I’m just a normal girl. Or I am too normal for this? Argh, this thing is confusing me.

That Shadow thing is growling. It sounds awful, very awful. Maybe it needs to practice how to growls. Okay that is a joke again.

That thing is moving. But when it towards to me, it changes its shape. Now it’s like a bird thingy. Right, a monster that having a main body like jells, and then turns into a weird animal-like shape. Great, it’s full of fantasy!

That bird is dive quickly towards me. Oh man, I’m gonna be pegged on my head. But I can’t do nothing but run. Of course I can’t do something like that weird wolf explains, I can’t even sense my energy flowing in my body!

“Can’t you fight that Shadow thing, yeah, that already turns into a bird?” I tell him because I thought this wolf didn’t see that jell-like monster already transform into a bird.

“Yes I can, but this is for your practice too, Ely.” That wolf replies with a relax tone.

“Practice what!? I’m just a normal cute girl who fell into a weird dream full of fantasy, that’s all! I don’t even having energy or Persona or whatever you say, these things make me crazy, you know that!” I tell him all of my words in my brain.

“Sorry Ely, but this is not a dream. You are in the real world.”

“Prove it!” I shout as my madness flowing out from my mind.

“Then let’s wait that bird attack you, and then you will feel the pain.” He replies as he doesn’t having problems at all.

I don’t want to be pegged. It hurts. But I can’t do anything, and there’s no one’s here except this big crazy wolf.

“Then you defeat it, I can’t do like what you have just said. I can’t feel the energy in my body.” I say it with a plain face.

“Of course you can, Ely. You can’t feel the energy because you didn’t do anything yet. Focus and feel the energy in your body, and gather it on your palm.” Fenrir explains.

Well, he got the point. I didn’t do anything yet except talks and walks. That bird is gonna attack me in second. So I close my eyes, waiting that bird attacks me. Err, no, I think I’m gonna try to feel the energy within me.

…Then, I feel the energy. Their colors are beautiful, like rainbow. It flow freely in my body, I can sense it. Then I stretches my palm, try to gather the energy on it. The energies gathered on my palm, and then combine into one, big sense of aura. Then I open my eyes, pointing to the bird. I release the energy, and then… boom! The bird is damaged.

…Wait, what? What was just happened? I can’t remember. That bird already fell to the ground, and gone. What did I do?

“…Hey, what’s wrong with that bird?” I ask plainly to the wolf.

“You just defeated that Shadow. Well done.”

What? Me? I defeated that bird? But how? I even didn’t do anything. Or… am I dreaming again? …Well no, this is already a dream.

“You saw me defeated that bird, for real?” I ask again.

“Yes. You defeated that Shadow with what I have just explained to you.” Fenrir replies.

This wolf can be lying. But I don’t know the right thing. Things become weirder and weirder. I hope someone will wake up me there.


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