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Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

Persona Affinity - Chapter 1

Oh yeaaaaaaaaahh, nih FF re-make dari My Adventure!! Stories itu =w= soalnya garing banget gila T__T jadinya ya, aku re-make-- err, total change, nih FF. Jadinyaa... ENJOY!!

Persona © ATLUS
All characters and Fan Fiction © Masanda Hananisa a.k.a Me

Persona Affinity


In the country named Thir, there was some strange accident recently. Black monsters with no shape and red eyes attack the villagers. The castle guardians and all the knightlers tried to counter attack in purpose to protect the King, but they’ve failed. That monsters are too strong and too many for them. If this continues, this country will be destroyed and gone forever.

Hearing that all the guardians and knightlers were failed to counter, the King finally do something with that black creature. He gathered all information about them. And then he knows that monsters called Shadow cannot be defeated by normal strength. They only can be defeated by the same power of that Shadows. But the King doesn’t know what they’re called; he even doesn’t have a clue to find them.

When a Shadow encountered in one of the villagers house, something weird happened. A kid—around 13 years old—surrounded by a strange mist. That Shadow will attack him, but when that monster did it, something came out from the mist that surrounding that boy’s body. A creature appeared, then suddenly it attacked that Shadow, then that monster was gone, and the boy fainted.

The King knew what was just happened, and then he called the boy. The King asked a lot of thing about what was just happened to that boy. That boy told him everything. Finally, the King’s understand. That Shadow can only be defeated by a power called Persona. That Persona is a creature that has the same power like that Shadow. But the bad news is, only the chosen one who can have a Persona. So the King thinking for the way to gathering all the Persona-User to defeat all the Shadows.

Then finally, the King found the way to gathered all the Persona-User. He sent a letter to his friend who in another country, Bastia. But when he wanted to send a letter to him, he got bad news; his friend was dead because an anonymous monster already devoured him. But luckily, his children still alive. So he decided to keep sending the letter to that country.

The letter replied. The one who replied the letter is his friend’s daughter. He read it; it was a bad news too. The older child was missing. So the younger daughter takes the charge of the country. She will help the King as she can. The King relieved to hear that.

But in Bastia, there was an accident too, but not because of Shadows. Bastia is a country of beasts. All mythical creatures were there; Dragon, Phoenix, sea monsters etc. Most of all the monsters—the strongest monsters—were taken control by something. They become angry, and destroyed all the surrounding. There are no villagers left, the daughter was confused. She doesn’t understand what’s happening.

Some of the monsters—who really close to the daughter—were fine. But they couldn’t do anything because of the controled monsters were too strong for them and for the daughter. The guardian beast of Bastia, Kohryu—the leader of the 4 Holy Beasts—sent the daughter to the anonymous place. She was accompanied by Fenrir, the mythical wolf beast, to traveling the world to search for Persona-Users. But the daughter memories were erased by Kohryu, the golden dragon. She only can remember her name. She doesn’t know about her country or her family.

And the adventure of a little girl 15 years old to search Persona-User begins… now.



Unknown Place –Ely Rievaulx POV—

Uh… wh- what? What was just happening? I can’t remember. Wait, someone calling my name…

“Miss Ely?”

What? Miss? Did I just mishear? Someone calls me with Miss before my name. Then I open my eyes. It’s so bright; my vision blured. I can’t see things clearly. I get up, and my head is so hurt.

“Are you okay, Miss Ely?”

Again? Who is it? I’m still 15, why did he call me Miss? The voice is right beside me. So I turn my head.

…a dog? No, different. Maybe, a wolf? Sort of. Its blackish fur makes me see it clearly.

“Who are you?” I ask that wolf. Yeah that’s funny, how can a wolf reply my question? How stupid.

“I am Fenrir, here to accompany you, Miss Ely.” He replies.

Okay am I dreaming or something? I just ask that wolf and I think it was just a joke, I mean, how can an animal reply such a thing? And now I heard him replied my question. His name’s Fenrir? …it’s familiar, though. But I can’t remember a thing.

“What was just happened now? And what is this place?” I ask again.

“…you just fainted, that’s all. And, I do not know what this place is called.” Fenrir replies with polite words.

Yeah maybe I’m in a dream. Then I slapped myself. It hurts. Then… this is a realistic dream! I cannot believe this; I suddenly fainted and come into the unknown place, then I met a wolf named Fenrir, like in the mythology, here to accompany me, he said. Plus, he called me Miss. This is not reality, of course. So I just relax and waiting for someone to wake up me.

“Miss Ely, it’s time to begin to search them,” Fenrir says.

Who are ‘them’ anyway? …and who am I? I mean, I know my name but, what is the real me? Okay these all were just a joke.

“Who are ‘them’?”

“They are Persona-User. Your purpose here now is to search them.”

Persona? …Wait, what was that? Persona-User? It seems so familiar. I think I know what ‘Persona-user’ is. But I can’t think clearly.

“Okay, but can you give a minute?”

“Definitely, miss.”

That was just annoying. What’s with that Miss? Am I his master or something? …It’s like I’m in the world of fantasy.

…Now I’m feeling better. But I’m still confused what was just happened now. I can’t remember. Maybe it is a dream.

“Hey, where are you come from?” I ask that wolf again.

“…I am come from nowhere. My purpose here is to accompany you, Miss Ely,” Fenrir replies.

“Could you stop calling me with that ‘Miss’ thing? It annoys me.”

“Alright, Ely.”

Come from nowhere and here to accompany me? How funny. Or maybe he hiding a secret… but, well I dunno. I can’t read someone’s mind.

Then I stand up. Oh, I’m using normal clothes. Black T-shirt and bluish jeans. I’m a normal person, right? Of course I am. I’m just a normal girl who is in the dream, that’s all. But when I look at the black wolf… wow. His height is same as lion. Is he having an abnormal hormone?

“…well? Where do I must go now?” I ask. I dunno for sure but, I’m just relaxed enjoying my dream after all.

“Hmm, I do not know too but, we must walk around this place to search them and gathering information. I can not sense a Persona-User’s aura. But Ely, you can sense them.”

What is he talking about? Is he joking? I can sense the present of Persona-User? What am I anyway?

“But how? I don’t know how to do it.” Of course I don’t know. But maybe this wolf doesn’t know how too. How useless.

“If you meet someone, you can feel their aura. Every person has a different aura, and you will know what the differences when you sense them. And the person with unusual sense of aura, that can be a Persona-User.”

This wolf is torturing me. But if he knows how to do it, why he can’t do it? Okay this is come to be weirder.

“Umm, but how do I sense their aura?” I ask again.

“When you meet someone, you can sense their aura. Without do anything, you will sense it unconsciously.”

Right, if that does happen… I am dreaming.

So now, I’m walking with Fenrir. It’s so quiet. All I can see is a sakura trees, a park, and a river. No ones here. I keep walking until then I saw a resident.

It’s still queit. What happened? I’m just new to here, so I don’t know.

I keep walking… now is night. And I didn’t meet anyone yet. Are they scared of me? …okay that’s never gonna happen.

But when I pass someone’s home, my body’s frozen at a moment. I’m sensing something strange. But whatever, I keep walking and search for someone that I can ask to.

I’m sensing something again. It’s near in front of me. Without thinking, I walk closer to the source of the aura. But then, I see something funny. Yeah, funny. It’s like jelly with black color. But the weird aura is coming from it. Does jelly have an aura too? …Yeah right, a joke.

It turns its body. I can see something glowing from it. They’re red, like eyes… or something. Wow wait, is that a monster? A jelly monster? Yeah right I got a weirdest dream ever in my life.

“That is called Shadow.” Fenrir says.

Shadow? Is it called Shadow because of its color? Because every shadow is black. That’s very uncreative name ever.

“What is that thing?” I ask with a full-of-question face.

“That is Persona-User’s enemy. So the Persona-User’s purpose is to destroy Shadows. They are troublemaker, and can be dangerous at most of the time. Shadows can not be defeated by a normal person. So that is why Persona-User exists in this world. But Ely, you can defeat it.” Fenrir replies.

But didn’t he just say a normal person can’t defeat Shadow? I’m a normal person, right? So why in the world I can defeat that weird thing? I don’t even have a Persona!

“How can I beat that Shadow thing?”

“It is simple, just put forth your palm, and focus your energy on it. When an energy already having a shape, throw it to the Shadow. And the Shadow damaged. The damage depends of the amount of energy that you have gathered on your palm. If the energy is little, the damage is little. If the energy is big, the damage is big too. This is good for your practice.” Fenrir explains it all.

Am I having a super power? Or I’m a heroine? Haha, no. I think I’m just a normal girl. Or I am too normal for this? Argh, this thing is confusing me.

That Shadow thing is growling. It sounds awful, very awful. Maybe it needs to practice how to growls. Okay that is a joke again.

That thing is moving. But when it towards to me, it changes its shape. Now it’s like a bird thingy. Right, a monster that having a main body like jells, and then turns into a weird animal-like shape. Great, it’s full of fantasy!

That bird is dive quickly towards me. Oh man, I’m gonna be pegged on my head. But I can’t do nothing but run. Of course I can’t do something like that weird wolf explains, I can’t even sense my energy flowing in my body!

“Can’t you fight that Shadow thing, yeah, that already turns into a bird?” I tell him because I thought this wolf didn’t see that jell-like monster already transform into a bird.

“Yes I can, but this is for your practice too, Ely.” That wolf replies with a relax tone.

“Practice what!? I’m just a normal cute girl who fell into a weird dream full of fantasy, that’s all! I don’t even having energy or Persona or whatever you say, these things make me crazy, you know that!” I tell him all of my words in my brain.

“Sorry Ely, but this is not a dream. You are in the real world.”

“Prove it!” I shout as my madness flowing out from my mind.

“Then let’s wait that bird attack you, and then you will feel the pain.” He replies as he doesn’t having problems at all.

I don’t want to be pegged. It hurts. But I can’t do anything, and there’s no one’s here except this big crazy wolf.

“Then you defeat it, I can’t do like what you have just said. I can’t feel the energy in my body.” I say it with a plain face.

“Of course you can, Ely. You can’t feel the energy because you didn’t do anything yet. Focus and feel the energy in your body, and gather it on your palm.” Fenrir explains.

Well, he got the point. I didn’t do anything yet except talks and walks. That bird is gonna attack me in second. So I close my eyes, waiting that bird attacks me. Err, no, I think I’m gonna try to feel the energy within me.

…Then, I feel the energy. Their colors are beautiful, like rainbow. It flow freely in my body, I can sense it. Then I stretches my palm, try to gather the energy on it. The energies gathered on my palm, and then combine into one, big sense of aura. Then I open my eyes, pointing to the bird. I release the energy, and then… boom! The bird is damaged.

…Wait, what? What was just happened? I can’t remember. That bird already fell to the ground, and gone. What did I do?

“…Hey, what’s wrong with that bird?” I ask plainly to the wolf.

“You just defeated that Shadow. Well done.”

What? Me? I defeated that bird? But how? I even didn’t do anything. Or… am I dreaming again? …Well no, this is already a dream.

“You saw me defeated that bird, for real?” I ask again.

“Yes. You defeated that Shadow with what I have just explained to you.” Fenrir replies.

This wolf can be lying. But I don’t know the right thing. Things become weirder and weirder. I hope someone will wake up me there.


Senin, 03 Mei 2010

Stoicheio --- Chapter One

Little note: Sori ya udah lama gak ngelanjutin FF, tapi ini yang baru lagi, dan ini resmi akan dilanjutkan *plakgubrakbruaghmeong* Ok, let's Start!


Author: Masanda Hananisa (me) and Alyssa Syahmina (her main site's here)
Rating: T
Genre: Fantasy, a little bit comedy
Language: English

All the characters and storyline © Masanda Hananisa and Alyssa Syahmina
Credit for translation and improvement story goes to Alyssa Syahmina.

--Enjoy 8D

Stoicheio : Chapter 1st

Will Warren International High School, Paris, France. Last Period

- Pierce Finschoth’s Point of View -

This is so boring.

“Stop that Pierce, or I’ll give you detention like hell.”

I’m sitting at my seat in the back of the class, tapping my desk. Mr. Don, my English teacher, seems not happy about it. I put down my pencil and sit in silence before he can say another swear word with his Texas’s Cowboy accent.

“Good, don’t want to clean the whole school hallways aren’t you, boy? Now, let’s continue our lesson…. Where were we?”

He continues to lecture the class; I yawn and look outside the window. My class is pretty neat and big, with 40 seats divided in 4, 10 seats front to the back. My seat is the closest to the window.

I can see the school gate from here, and near the horizon, Paris’s very own Eiffel Tower, standing tall with a background of an afternoon cloudy sky. I just can’t get enough of this view. And that’s the only reason I still here.

The bell rings, finally.

“Awright, that’s it class. I’ll see y’all next week, and do your homework!”

The school came back to life, students in every class run out in excitement. Mostly, they talks about what to do tonight, the lesson that they learned today, and the annoying teachers.

“Man that was a looong day.” I sigh as I say it to myself.

As I walk toward the school gate, I see Firinne, my apartment neighbor and my friend, best friend maybe.

“Hey, Firinne!” I run.

“Pierce? What’s with that face? Did you fell asleep in class again?”

“Not today, thank god.”

“Yeah but I bet you didn’t study at all” He replied with a tone that annoys me.

“Well, sorry I’m not an award winning genius like you.”

Firinne grins, “My, I’m flattered.”

That’s just annoying. Well, I can’t blame him for being so self-centered; he’s the smartest student in school. And yes, I am not. I can barely get a C for my Physics and he have a collection of A+ in his locker. I’m pathetic.

Then, when Firinne continues his long speech about how important high school education is, I see weird people. Err, weird couple. Two girls dressed all black, one with long black hair, and one with short shaggy brown hair.

Well, the girl with the short hair wears glasses, a black blazer, with jeans and boots. The other girl wears a black long coat and jeans too, speaking with the short-haired girl in low voice.

“Pierce, I know you don’t listening. Well, at least I tried to make you realize that…” Whatever.

We now walking pass the two weird girls; I can’t hold myself from staring at them. So, I take a look. For a split-second, my heart stops. The short-haired girl has a pair of shy bluish eyes. But the long-haired girl has one black eye, and another eye, that hidden behind her hair, has the color of crimson blood.

I force myself to turn away, unaware that the long-haired girl stares me back with widened eyes. As I turn away, I can hear a low whisper from the two girls earlier. Now I’m having a bad feeling.

“You saw those girls earlier, Firinne?”

“Huh? The black dressed girls? Well maybe it’s the new fashion for this season or something. Anyway….”

He gives a short reply before continuing his speech.

I’m so got to get new friends.


“You see them, Jesser?”

“Yes, and I can feel it too.”

“We have to follow them!”

“Don’t let them know we’re following them.”

Pierce Finschoth’s Apartment Room, Late Night.

What’s that sound?

Someone’s knocking the door. What kind of stupid person would knock someone else’s door at this time of night?

Feeling disturbed, I struggle to get up from my bed and walk towards the front door.

I never had the chance to open that door.

Following a blinding strike of light, the door breaks out into little pieces. I froze, covering my eyes with my hand.

A black shadow stands in front of my apartment. Not really a shadow, it’s a big tall man wearing black coat that covers his head. I can’t really see his face.

“Pierce Finschoth..?” He speaks with heavy breath.

He walks in, grabs my neck, and speaks again with a small laugh, “What kind of careless person would open his door at this time of night?”

Very funny, at least he got a sense of humor. But I don’t get any chance to laugh, even breathe.

“What the—Let him go!” That’s Firinne, shouting from the hallway. The shadow man turns away.

“I’ll deal with you later.” He stretches his right hand towards Firinne, and another strike of light comes out of it. Wow. Wait, what?

I can feel that he’s grabbing my neck tighter; I can’t breathe for real now. Then, I saw another shadow, two shadows.

“Let him go you bastard!” A girl says with an angry tone. I can’t see the girl, the man strangles me! Then suddenly the air turns cold, freezing air; the man’s grab on my neck become weaker.

Then he just throws me to the floor with extraordinary power, like I was just a piece of wood or something. My only next thought is that his throw might have broken my right arm.

“Wait!” I don’t really see what’s happening, but I can hear the man flees and break my apartment window. It’s 13th floor! How the heck can he do that?

“He’s getting away!” A girl voices again, a different one though.

“Let him go, I’m sure we’ll meet him again.” The first girl I hear says.

I got enough of this madness, I try to get up and ask a million questions to those two strangers. But well, don’t blame me for not even being able to sit straightly after that man throws me like that. The pain…

“Don’t strain yourself.” She says. A short-haired girl that I saw earlier after school, it’s her!

“What—who—when—how” I says as my attempt to make a complete sentence.

“Take it easy, geez.” Another girl, with long black hair and one red eye says as he drags Firinne through the hallway into my room. What the heck are they doing here?

“Is that one alright?” The short-haired girl asks.

“Yeah, he’ll be at least.” The long-haired girl replied as she put Firinne in my apartment floor.

“Man, he’s heavy.” Then she sits on my sofa.

“Hey, you think you can just-“ I finally can make a complete sentence.

“Shush.” The short-haired girl gives me a piercing look.

She pulls her glove; yeah I just realize that she’s wearing gloves, and touch my right arm. Her hand’s so damn cold.

“Your arm will be fine too. That’s good, less trouble for us.” She sighs.


“Shut up… Can we go now?” The long-haired girl seems annoyed.

“Yeah.” The other girl replies as they walk together to the hallway. Then she turns to me.

“Sorry about the door though, oh and we’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

And that was the weirdest night in my life so far.


“So, where will we sleep tonight…? Hey, Haku?”


“What’s wrong?”


“It has something to do with that man, right? You know him? A Lightning and Thunder Elementer…”

“No... I’m not sure.”

“…Alright, forget it then. Ok? Hey, I heard that Champs-Élysées looks beautiful at this time of night…”

Will Warren International High School, Paris, France, Last Period.

-Pierce’s Point Of View-

And here I am again. After all the commotion last night, today seems just like another normal school day. The last lesson today is the eccentric Mr. Riordan’s Physic Class.

Mr. Lucas Riordan is the coolest teacher here, with his mad-scientist hair and insanely huge goggles hanging around his neck, unusual sense of humor, and long white coat, he’s awesome.

Too bad the bell rings before he can show the class his awesome experiment with rocket fuel. He drops his ‘homemade rocket fuel’ into the trash bin beside the class’s door.

“Well, seems like it’s all the time we got today class! See you soon, and do your homework! And oh, someone please call the janitor and tell him to bring a new trash bin. This one’s melting.” He says as he lifts the trash bin and rush outside.

Despite the trash bin incident, today’s school was boring. I would have fallen asleep if I don’t think so much about what happened last night. So, I drag Firinne to the school gate and we decide to wait for the two strange girls.

“You think they’ll come?” He asks me.

“They better be.”

And we wait…..

“You sure they’ll come?” He asks me again.

“Firinne, we’ve just waited here for five minutes.” And so he decides to keep his mouth shut.

“That’s them right?” I says as I see a girl in black walking past the school gate and peek inside.

“Oh, there they are.” She says. Then she walks in with her friend.

“So, who—“

“Can we talk somewhere else?”

“Uh, how about the yard behind the school?”

“Sounds promising, let’s go.”

And so we walk together to the yard. I can feel chill runs down my spine, I have a bad feeling.

“My name,” the long-haired girl says even before I can ask. “Is Hakurou Louritsiky.” I can’t pronounce that name!

“This is my friend, Jesser Serenade. We’ve been following you …”

“And why is that?” I finally can ask a question.

“Because you both have the aura of an elementer, and we can feel it.” The girl named Jesser says. An el… what?

“Elementer.” Hakurou speaks, “Is a person that can control and create the power of a certain element.” Then she stretches her palm and a glowing red fire comes out.

At that moment, I know that everything that will happen to me and Firinne after this will nothing like our normal school life again.


Done chapter one, hope you like it! xD

Jumat, 02 Oktober 2009

Allience Of Persona User (AOPU) ~Hakurou's Version~ Chapter 4

~ Chapter 4 ~

The Test of Persona Users

Masih didalam ruangan yang disertai dengan api kecil dan sunyi.

Sampai manakah kita tadi? …Oh ya, sebutan nama ‘Black Elemental Slayer’. Memang siapakah ‘Black Elemental Slayer’ ini? Yang disebutkan secara bersamaan oleh Hana Hakurou dan Al Hasegawa. Apakah ini maksudnya, mereka merupakan ‘Black Elemental Slayer’? Mari kita dengar percakapan mereka lagi.

“Yaitu melawan kami, The Black Elemental Slayer.” Hana dan Al mengucap secara bersamaan kalimat tersebut. Tiba-tiba, Shinryu, Karin, Yurrei dan Miroku terkaget bukan main. Entah mengapa, sebutan itu mengejutkan mereka. “Kalian yakin!? Ini justru lebih parah dari tahun lalu!!” bantah Miroku kepada Hana dan Al. “Tenang, kami hanya menggunakan seperempat dari tenaga kami saja, tidak mungkin kami akan menggunakan tenaga penuh. Kalau kami menggunakan tenaga penuh, itu tidak akan terjadi.” Hana menjelaskan dengan santai, yang tangan kanannya masih diposisi depan dadanya mengangkat api kecil yang telah dibuat sebelumnya.

“Walaupun seperempat saja, itu masih keterlaluan! Yang akan mengikuti ujian ini akan—“ ucapan Shinryu terpotong tiba-tiba. “Hei, tenang dulu, Shinryu-san. Kami tidak akan menggunakan nama ‘Slayer’ kami. Nama tersebut hanya digunakan pada saat kami betul-betul serius. Tetapi bukan sekarang.” Al memotong ucapan Shinryu dan menjelaskan. “Bila kami mengeluarkan lebih banyak ‘mereka’, itu justru yang lebih parah. Lagipula, aku yakin, ‘Persona-User’ yang sekarang lebih kuat daripada tahun lalu. Bahkan, ada yang sadis juga, atau bahkan sadisnya melebihi kami.” Hana menambahkan penjelasan. Sekarang, ‘Persona-User’ kita dengar. Persona-User? Apa itu? Semakin kita mendengar percakapan, semakin banyak pertanyaan. “Itulah sebabnya, kami, The Black Elemental Slayer, merupakan ujian tahun ini.” ujar Al sambil mengeluarkan tangan kirinya dari sakunya, dan ternyata dia juga memakai sarung tangan yang sama persis seperti yang Hana pakai.

Tiba-tiba, bongkahan batu berwarna biru muncul dari tangan kiri Al yang diangkat, dan bersinar, mengeluarkan cahaya berwarna biru. Itu es. Al Hasegawa telah membuat sebongkah es dari tangan kirinya dengan mudahnya. Sebenarnya siapakah dia? Dan Hana Hakurou ini juga membuat kita penasaran. Dia juga bisa membuat api kecil dari tangan kanannya tanpa kesulitan. Siapa sebenarnya mereka? Seperti penyihir saja.

Shinryu pun menghembuskan angin kecil dari mulutnya, “Baiklah, lakukan pemberian ujian kalian. Lakukan tugas kalian, dan tanggung jawab atas pemberian ujian ini.” Shinryu memberi perintah kepada Hana dan Al. “Ok, tidak masalah bagi kami.” jawab Hana dengan santainya. “Hm, mereka sudah datang, Han.” ucap Al, memberi informasi kepada Hana. “Mulai sekarang, kami semua akan mengawasi kalian.” Shinryu menengokkan kepalanya kearah Hana dan Al sebelum pergi. “Semoga beruntung, kalian berdua. Jangan sampai ada yang terluka, ya?” ucap Karin kepada mereka yang berpakaian serba hitam. “Haha, kami tidak pandai melepaskan orang yang tanpa terluka. Tapi, ya, akan kami usahakan.” jawab Hana dengan suara datar. “Baiklah, kami tunggu hasilnya dari kalian.” Yurrei menganggukan kepala dan berbicara kepada Hana dan Al. Dengan kompaknya, mereka berdua mengangguk bersama, dan mereka menuju ke pintu batu yang sebelumnya kita lihat.

Hana Hakurou dan Al Hasegawa pun keluar dari ruangan untuk memberikan ‘ujian’. Entah apa yang disebut ujian ini, masih tidak jelas. Mereka berjalan keluar dari bawah tanah, api dan es yang mereka buat telah menghilang. Sejak kapan api dan es mereka buat menghilang? Ah, lupakan soal itu. Sekarang, kita akan melihat apa kegiatan mereka, yang dijuluki dengan nama ‘Black Elemental Slayer’ ini.

Malam. Disertai dengan hiasan bintang-bintang kecil, dan bulan purnama yang ikut menghiasi langit malam ini. Kelihatan jelas sekali bulan purnama yang kita lihat sekarang. Begitu bulat dan bercahaya.

Di suatu taman, yang kita kunjungi sebelumnya, tempat dimana Hana Hakurou dan Al Hasegawa kita temui sebelumnya juga. Disana, terkumpul banyak orang remaja, dan membawa senjata mereka masing-masing. Memang, untuk apa senjata-senjata yang mereka bawa? Apakah ada perang disini? Kita lihat dulu.

Hana dan Al menghampiri mereka dengan bertampang sombong. Ada beberapa anak yang sampai mengira, mereka adalah laki-laki karena melihat dari berpakaiannya. Memang, Hana dan Al berpakaian begitu rapih, berwarna serba hitam, tetapi style tersebut layak dipakai seorang lelaki. Dan juga, tampang mereka. Hana Hakurou dan Al Hasegawa ini masih orang misterius. Kita belum mengenalnya lebih dalam.

“Kurasa, dari kalian semua, sudah membawa senjata kalian masing-masing kan, untuk ujian kali ini?” Hana mulai berbicara. “Kali ini, ujian kalian adalah, melawan beberapa monster. Bila kalian sudah melawan monster tersebut dan menang dari mereka, keesokan harinya, kalian akan melawan kami berdua. Waktu kalian akan melawan kami pada esok hari adalah, pagi hari jam 5.” Al menjelaskan tentang ujian yang mereka berikan. Sebentar, monster? Di dunia ini ada monster? Tambah pertanyaan. “Tetapi, bila kalian gagal melawan monster-monster yang kalian hadapi, atau gagal melawan kami, atau tidak melawan kami pada tepat waktu… Otomatis, kalian tidak lulus.” Hana menambahkan. “Kalian melawan monster-monster disini masing-masing, tetapi kalian juga boleh berpasangan, tetapi 2 orang saja. Dan bila kalian melawan kami, kalian bisa bekerja sama. Karena lawan kalian esok hari; bila kalian lulus ujian pertama, hanya kami berdua saja.” Al menjelaskan lagi.

“Ha? Bekerja sama? Heh, buat apa? Aku sendiri juga bisa mengalahkan mereka. Mungkin, monster yang kalian munculkan itu lemah-lemah, dan juga sedikit. Kalau begitu, ngapain aku harus bekerja sama dengan orang lain?” tantang seorang perempuan tomboy yang berambut putih pendek dan bermata merah, mempunyai coretan dibawah mata kirinya. Dia bernama Yomotsu Yumiko. “Aku yakin ujian ini sangat mudah. Jadi aku tidak perlu bekerja dengan orang-orang lemah ini.” ucapnya lagi dengan penuh kesombongan. “Hentikan, Yumiko! Mungkin ujian kali ini tidak akan mudah dari tahun lalu!” seorang lelaki berambut putih juga, memakai rompi putih dan berbaju hitam, dan memakai sarung tangan berwarna putih. Dan dia bernama Damme Alto Reverie, seperti nama orang barat. “Memang kau tau apa, Ame? Tidak usah menghayal berlebihan, aku yakin, mereka ini gampang kita kalahkan.” perkataan Yomotsu membuat Hana dan Al tersenyum sinis.

“Hm, sepertinya kamu belum tau kami ya, Yomostsu Yumiko, kalau aku tidak salah?” ucap Hana, dengan tersenyum sinis. “Kalian orang tidak penting, hanya memberikan ujian saja. Lagipula, mengapa kami harus melawa—“ Tiba-tiba angin menghembus kencang kearah Yomotsu. Dalam hitungan detik, kita melihat Yomotsu terangkat dengan tangan kanan seseorang. Betapa mengejutkan, yang mengangkat perempuan tomboy itu adalah Hana. Begitu cepat dia berlari kearah Yomotsu dan mengangkat dia dengan tangan kanannya, dan mengangkatnya dari bajunya. Tentu saja, semua remaja yang terkumpul disana terkaget bukan main melihat Yomotsu yang tiba-tiba terangkat oleh Hana. “Berani menantang kami, heh?” Hana melirikkan matanya keatas, melihat muka Yomotsu yang terangkat keatas dengan tangan kanan Hana, dan menatapnya dengan penuh kemarahan. “Baik. Kau sudah menyatakan tantangan dengan kami. Kita lihat saja besok, siapa yang lebih kuat. Bila kau kalah… Kita akan lihat hukumannya besok.” tantang Hana dengan penuh ancaman. Muka Yomotsu menyatakan tidak peduli sama sekali tentang tantangan itu. Lalu, Hana pun melepaskan genggamannya pada baju Yomotsu, dan Yomotsu pun terjatuh. Perempuan yang memakai bros merah itu membuang muka. “Ada lagi yang ingin menantang kami?” tanya Hana kepada remaja-remaja yang ada disekitarnya.

Seorang perempuan berambut hitam panjang, dan matanya kanan-kiri berbeda warna. Kiri biru, dan kanan merah. Dia ditemani oleh rubah putihnya. Dia bernama Rikku Shaolee, dan rubah putihnya bernama Yuka. Rikku menatap Hana dengan tatapan kosong. “Dia… kuat… hampir tidak ada satu pun anak disini melampaui kekuatannya. Dan juga orang itu…” Rikku mengalihkan pandangannya kepada Al yang melipat kedua tangannya didepan dadanya. “…Dia juga kuat. Kekuatannya hampir setara dengan orang tadi, tapi… Aku bisa merasakan hawa api dan es diantara mereka…” Rikku berpikir dalam hatinya, melihat kedua orang yang berpakaian seba hitam tersebut. Dia seperti menganalisa mereka berdua.

“Ujian sekarang… melawan monster ya?” tanya seorang perempuan berambut pendek, berkacamata dan berbaju biru. Dia sepertinya sudah kita lihat, tetapi orang ini memakai kacamata. Dia bernama Sakagami Rin. Dia seperti kembar dengan Sakagami Ren yang kita temui sebelumnya. Dan Ren, dia ada disebelah Rin yang kita lihat sekarang. Memang benar, mereka adalah kembar. “Kak, kali ini kita melawan monster bersama kah?” tanya Rin kepada saudara kembarnya. “Hmph, ujian kali ini akan mudah. Tetapi… Aku tidak bisa membiarkanmu melakukan hal yang ceroboh seperti tahun kemarin.” jawab Ren dengan tampang sombong. “I-Iya… Baiklah.” balas Rin dengan tersenyum. Dia tidak peduli kalau kakaknya sombong.

“Baiklah! Mulai sekarang, kalian tunggu disini sampai tengah malam! Kami berdua akan mengawasi kalian disisi lain. Bila kalian menang dalam ujian ini, tunggulah besok, dan kalian akan melawan aku dan Al disini, tepat pada jam 5 pagi! Kalau ada yang terlambat, akan kuanggap gagal!” tegas Hana kepada remaja-remaja tersebut. “Baik!” jawab mereka dengan kompak. “Sekarang berpencarlah! Kalian boleh sendiri, atau dengan teman kalian, tapi hanya boleh berdua saja!” tambah Al yang masih melipat kedua tangannya. Dan mereka pun melaksanakan tugasnya masing-masing. Apa yang akan mereka tempuh dalam ujian ini? Kita akan melihatnya pada chapter berikutnya.

My Dear Wolfies~ XD

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